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2014 :: Guest Bathroom Makeover


Oh, come on! It can’t be that difficult to remodel a little 8×5 bathroom. Can it? Well if it’s the first one you have ever done, yes it can. It is also well worth the effort.

As the video above shows, the demolition phase is the most fun, and it is fast. Maybe four hours, tops. Hammers, pliers, saws and a little muscle is all you need. The tub/shower was the most interesting, as when they put a fiberglass tub and shower into a house they really don’t expect you to be taking it back out. When you are done with the demo though, all you have left is an empty box. A little scary for sure.

There are great bathroom remodel videos on YouTube. We watched a bunch of them. Videos on plumbing, flooring, tiling, and just about any other aspect of the project. Great detail too. You’ve got to thank the people who post those videos. Us DIY’ers can demolish and rebuild with much greater confidence because of them.

Being a DIY’er is a bit of a curse though. Just because you’ve done stuff in the past, and you think you might be able to do the next thing, doesn’t always mean its a great idea. But as a self proclaimed DIY person you are kind of committed from the start. There is no way you are going to let this project get the best of you.

So Kathy and I persevered. We had a design in mind. We scoured the internet for more ideas. We made numerous trips to Home Depot. We spent three weeks of every available minute working on this bathroom (we had a deadline… guests were coming). In the end we were very happy with the finished product. A new bathroom is so nice, and we saved probably 50% doing it ourselves.



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