1985-1989 :: Beaverbrook Drive in Lake Elizabeth, California.

As appears to happen so often, you ask the universe for something and the universe responds. In this case we were asking for a transfer to a location that we would enjoy, and find a house that we could afford to buy. The transfer ended up being to Lancaster. The high desert. Wind central. I was to be a Groundman. This in itself may not sound great, but the universe balanced that with Lake Elizabeth.

Lake Elizabeth is a very small community in the hills west of Lancaster. 3500 feet in elevation. It was once intended to be a resort community, but that flopped, and it was just beginning to grow again. Why we even traveled out there is a wonder. Lake Elizabeth was just a spot on the map. The universe was calling though. It said if we were looking for an adventure then this was the direction to go.

A few new homes were being built in the community on the many empty and available lots. One builder was building small and inexpensive houses. Boxes almost. Perfectly square. A two car garage and 955 feet of living space, with two bedrooms, all in the box. To us it was perfect. And at $62,500 it was possibly the least expensive house in all of Southern California. We could afford that.

We were thrilled with this find. This house that would become our home. A blank slate on which we could build our new life. Ahhh… wait… a blank slate? Sounds like work. And it was. Glorious work. Exactly what we wanted. Work we would be immensely proud of. A place we would take joy in every drape we hung, every flower we planted, and every board we nailed to the fence.

First things first though. Kathy needed TV. Being way out of town, with few houses nearby, and only our big dog and a one year old daughter to talk to during the day meant she needed some other entertainment in the house. But being way out of town meant our only option was a satellite dish. That was one interesting project, but by some miracle it worked. Next came fences, grass, and some trees. We built a deck in the front which became a great socializing spot. And because the price of lots was still very low, we did some research to find the owner of the neighboring lot and made a deal to purchase it. Our yard was now twice as big. It was wonderful.

Time for our son. Kenny was born in the second year we lived in this house. A blessing in every way. Our family was complete. Of course the size of the house would not be a problem for a while, but slowly we started thinking about a bigger house. Should be add on to this house? We seriously considered that. Should we look for another house? We wanted to stay in Lake Elizabeth. Could we build a house? We started designing.

Oh how nice our home on Beaverbrook was. The memories are powerful. It was our own true first home. Forever a special place. But the adventure drew us forward… to Coolcrest.