Buellton House

1984-1985 :: Buellton, CA

The same couple we rented Martini Hollow from also rented us this wonderful old house – Jim and Colleen Batty. The Batty family lived right next door, and this house was in the Batty family from the day it was built in 1926. The house wasn’t in the best of shape when we moved in, but we did some work to it and made it feel like home.

This was a transition house. We didn’t live here very long, but a lot happened. I was still working at the lake, but I was doing everything I could to get a job with the utility company where Kathy’s father, uncle and grandfather worked, Southern California Edison. Within weeks of moving in I received a call that an opening was available. At right about that same time we learned that Kathy was pregnant. Wow! The adventure was kicking into high gear.

Kathy and I did all the things expecting parents do. We cleaned. We painted. We worked hard to make a nursery, and the rest of the house, a warm and inviting place to bring our new baby to. I even built the furniture for the nursery in the basement workshop. The same baby furniture that our grandchildren are using today.

Our daughter, Jennifer, arrived right on time. The house was ready. It really felt like home, but we decided that Kathy would not go back to work, which meant we couldn’t afford the rent for too much longer. Besides, we desperately wanted to buy a house of our own. Working for the utility that served almost the entire lower half of California meant that we could move to a more affordable location. We started looking for where the adventure would take us next… it turned out to be Beaverbrook.