Martini Hollow

1981-1984 :: Martini Hollow, Lake Cachuma, Santa Barbara, California.

Martini Hollow? Interesting name. I really don’t know how the name came about, but it does set the tone nicely. The location is actually inside a campground at a very nice little lake in the Santa Ynez Valley – Lake Cachuma. The double-wide two bedroom mobile home pictured above was put in this location as a night-watchman’s house for the boat maintenance yard that was just across the street. That boat yard was the true Martini Hollow.

As a fisherman from a young age it was my dream to work at the boat docks as my first job. This dream came true at 15 – a Dock Boy. It was a blast. I worked there throughout high school and a little beyond. When Kathy and I started dating we would regularly go out boating. After a couple of years, when we were old enough to get married (18 and 19 is old enough, right?), Martini Hollow magically became available. As an employee I was eligable. $150 a month! And we wondered whether we could even afford that.

A really big dog. A cat. Some chickens. These were our children. Being newly married we were just starting to get things like furniture, kitchen stuff, a TV, mostly used or conveniently borrowed from parents. Of course it was all new and special to us. I finished a fence there and built a deck. Kathy made the house feel like home. It was an idyllic location. Hiking, fishing and beautiful scenery were right outside our door.

Why did we leave? Well to stay there I had to work there, and as my first job, the one I started in high school, I began to outgrow it. Besides, we wanted to start a family. We needed a more secure future. We were growing up. The adventure was just getting started.

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