Our Boat

1997-Today :: Anywhere our little boat will go.

Kathy and I have been boating ever since we started dating. Aside from being at home, we are happiest in a boat. While we’ve owned a couple smaller boats, this boat is the first that qualified for a federal home tax deduction as a vacation house. It has a small kitchenette. An even smaller bathroom (called the ‘head’ on a boat). And sleeping for four, comfortably, provided the other two are your children.

Buying this boat became possible after selling our Coolcrest house, hence we named the boat Coolcrest. Just like the Coolcrest house had been, this boat had been in our dreams for quite some time. Camping on the water had always been our family’s primary get-away, but our previous boat was getting too small. Or was it that our children were getting too big. In either case a larger boat seemed to be our only remedy. After visiting the boat of our dreams at numerous boat shows we finally made the decision to bring one home.

Just like each of our land based homes, this aquatic home has met all our needs quite nicely. Camping, cruising, water skiing, or just relaxing, Coolcrest has done it all. While it sits on its trailer at Big Rock much, much too much of the year, it is always ready for those eagerly anticipated days on the water. It is a floating memory machine.